Welcome to the National Literacy Association's Guide to Literacy Resources On-Line supported by NUT, NASUWT and BESA.  The Guide aims to be a time-saving starting point for finding great classroom resources that can support, encourage and inspire children and young people to acquire adequate literacy skills and develop a love of reading.

We know there are many demands on teachers, (and parents, carers and others) particularly at this time when there are so many changes taking place in education. We know it's not always easy to keep up-to-date with the many wonderful resources that are available for classroom use - so we've tried to bring together a wide selection from books to software; from wooden character sets to online activities as an overview of what's out there. The Guide does not pretend to be comprehensive. It gives just a taster of the many and varied materials available. However, each product included in The Guide has been evaluated by members of NLA's Quality Control Panel and has met the high standards of the Quality Control criteria. All the panel members are part of  NLA's Board of Trustees and have extensive knowledge and experience of helping children to learn. We give a big thank you to them for all their time and effort. Click on each product title to read the Panel's review.

The Guide
 will be regularly updated and, as it becomes more established, we expect to expand the searchable criteria and to welcome many more companies and their products onto the site. In the meantime, we thank all those companies who have already supported The Guide and especially our main sponsors NUT, NASUWT and BESA. We'd also like to say a special thank you to our website designer, Windrush, who have worked tirelessly to  get  this site up and running. 

The NLA Guide to Literacy Resources
  is for you, teachers and others who are working alongside our children, to inspire in them a love of learning. We want this Guide to be as useful and accessible as possible - so we want to hear from you about ways we can make it even better. You can email us or you can tweet us @theLitTwit- we would love to receive your comments and suggestions. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy browsing through the Guide and that it leads you to some wonderful materials to help you in the classroom!

Charlie Griffiths
National Literacy Association

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