National Literacy Association



The National Literacy Association strives to ensure that 99% of children develop adequate literacy levels and a love of reading. One of the major aims of the NLA has always been to provide support for the significant minority of young people who, for a variety of reasons, have difficulty in becoming literate. We need to ensure that, on leaving school, our young people can take their rightful place in society and meet the demands of the 21st Century, both socially and in the workplace.We want every child to be able to communicate with confidence and enjoyment through speech, technology and the written word.

To help achieve the above, NLA advocates and campaigns for

A less prescriptive, more creative approach to reading and other aspects of literacy that recognises children learn in different ways and progress at different rates. However, every child needs to experience the fun, pleasure and enjoyment of becoming literate.

More emphasis on the importance of developing the skills of listening and speaking - a curriculum that includes storytelling, reading aloud, drama and role play.

Children's diversity to be reflected and celebrated in books and on screen. We want to see imaginative and inspirational learning materials that give a positive view of different cultures, religions, gender, abilities and disabilities.

Ending of SATs at KS2, giving teachers and children more scope for developing and exploring creative approaches to reading, writing and other literacy skills.

Greater access to books and other reading materials for children from backgrounds where reading is not always seen as a priority.

Training and support for teachers, carers, other professionals and parents on the imaginative and appropriate use of ICT, including ebooks and other new technologies.

Expanding support for disadvantaged parents of pre-school children to enable them to help their children.

Support for our work so that we can keep working on behalf of all children particularly those who find it difficult to learn.

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