15 Days Without a Head


Rivetting, agonising, moving and extremely funny novel by Dave Cousins. 15 year old Laurence is used to his mum coming home and hitting the bottle. It's not that she doesn't love them - him and his little brother Jay - it's just that she has problems of her own. Then, one day, she doesn't come back from her shift at the chip shop and Laurence is left to care for himself and Jay with not enough food in the house and no access to money. On top of that, there's a nosy neighbour and Laurence is worried that she'll tell the Authorities and that they'll be taken into care. As if that's not enough, he's entered a radio competition to win his family a holiday - something he hopes might make his mum better and make them a normal family again. He only has to get the questions right for the next 15 days... This book moves along at a rattling pace mirroring the frantic ducking and diving Laurence has to do to get them through until his mum returns. And he's sure his mum will return even if he has to find her and bring her back himself ... A book with a realistic rather than an obviously happy ending but one that leaves the reader hopeful that his mum might just become the sort of parent she and Laurence want her to be.

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