44 Sounds and Spelling Tubs


This is designed to be a complete resource covering the sounds of the English language. It comes in the form of a box with carrying handles, which opens out to form a display cabinet. The 44 tubs each contain 3-6 objects illustrating the sound written on the lid and some of the spelling variations for that sound that exist. The materials are robust and would stand the wear and tear of a busy classroom full of young children. (They do come with a health warning that the size of some of the objects might make them unsuitable to have around in the presence of children under 3). There is a helpful leaflet in the form of a Teacher and Parent Guide, with ideas for activities and a photocopiable checklist of all the sounds. This visual and tactile resource is a way of reinforcing young children’s ability to understand and remember their sounds.

Formats available

Activity Resource


suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them