Alfie the Werewolf: Werewolf Secrets


By Paul Van Loon

Alfie was an ordinary little boy, until he found out his true nature on his seventh birthday. Now he carries a dark secret, known only to his eccentric adopted family and his grandfather, Alfie turns into a werewolf every full moon. In this, the latest of the series, Alfie discovers a creepy old house full of mysterious portraits and a family tree that features his name. He just has to investigate and what he finds is a group of orphan werewolves under the control of crazy woman Mooma. Can Alfie help them and avoid getting captured too?Although this is the sixth book in the Alfie the Werewolf series, it is perfectly possible to read and understand the story and characters without any knowledge of the first story. There’s plenty of action, with a number of chapters ending on a cliff-hanger, but a good amount of comedy moments too. Although Alfie’s predicament is purely in the realms of fantasy, many children will relate to his desire to fit in with his friends, the excitement and nervousness of being away from the security of his family on a trip, and the feelings he has for his friends

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