Bella Donna: Coven Road


Bella Donna: Coven Road– Ruth Symes

Bella Donna lives in a children’s home. She’s hoping to be adopted, but so far the right family hasn’t come along. She would like to be part of a witch family, for she has always wanted to be one and does seem to have the gift of magical powers, much to the consternation of her school friends. One day, Lilith Sorciere comes to the home. She has no husband or children, but she is keen to adopt Bella. Delighted, Bella agrees to a month’s trial with Lilith and her cats in Coven Road.Though set against a backdrop of witches and magic, the story is essentially about finding one’s place in the world and being accepted. The book has a warmth and directness that will hold young readers while its sympathetic characters, especially Bella, reinforce the story’s happy ending and good-natured tone. Large black-and-white drawings, which decorate most of the double-pages,add to the story’s charm.

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