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Clicker 5

Clicker 5 is the latest version of this well-established and award-winning piece of software designed to encourage and support children's writing skills. Clicker is really user-friendly. Easy to load, once it's on your computer, it gives access to an extensive range of writing resources. One click on the 'Explorer' icon takes you straight to Clicker 5. The innovative part of Clicker 5 is that it uses 'grids' or 'cells' with whole words, phrases or complete sentences. This can be really motivating for children and very inclusive - especially helpful for children who really struggle with spelling or who find it difficult to use a keyboard for whatever reason. The 'cells' are very easy to use and to change. Clicker 5 also has a huge picture bank so many of the words have explanatory images. Children can also import their own digital images eg photos so they can make the word cells personal to them. Very easy on the eye with clear, legible, attractive font and colourful, lively images. There's also a clear audio facility and a recording facility so children can record their own voice. At a click, children can hear the individual words, a phrase, sentence or a whole text. In addition, there's a free resources website 'LearningGrids' which holds a library of activities searchable by category, subject and age. These are updated every two weeks so there's always something new for teachers and students to draw on. The beauty of this aspect is that you can access the LearningGrid direct from Clicker Explorer. You don't have to log onto the site separately. Very easy and very quick! Clicker 5 has benefits for children of all abilities but can really support those who are struggling with reading and writing for whatever reason - including EAL. Comes with a very clear 'quick-guide' and a more detailed instruction manual.

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