Collins Read On (Scheme)


This is a very 'cool'-looking reading scheme for schools, with high quality presentation, aimed at Key Stage 3 students who are struggling with mainstream reading. 

Atmospheric, edgy covers and great subject matter will have real appeal for this age group. Collins Read On consists of 18 books across three colour-banded levels 3c-3b; 3b - 3a; 3a - 4c. 

There are 6 books at each level - 3 fiction titles and 3 non-fiction. The fiction strand has some great titles: Lone Wolf by Alan Gibbons and Robbie Gibbons; The Trick by Keith Gray; Tunnel of Terror (genuinely scary!) by Barry Hutchison - with a goodly dose of thrills and horror running through them! Other titles include This Boy by Pippa Goodhart - a gentle sensitive ghost story and Liam by Benjamin Zephaniah in which a young lad finds out something very surprising about his adoptive family.The non-fiction strand covers some fascinating topics: The Ice Man about the discovery of a 5000 year old body; Unsolved Mysteries which examines some of the theories surrounding The Marie Celeste; Stone Henge; The Loch Ness Monster and other phenomena; Zombie Wasps which introduces the reader to some of the more unpleasant insects with which we share our planet; and one for the girls, Here Come The Girls!, about the growth of women's football! 

All the books are characterised by well-spaced text and plenty of full colour illustrations making them accessible and easy on the eye. Shorter sentences and well-chosen vocabulary make reading less daunting and yet the quality of the writing ensures that the stories flow and move along at a page-turning pace. At the back of each book, both fiction and non-fiction, is a 'Reader Challenge' with ideas for simple activities and discussion points about the text. This section could be particularly useful for parents, carers, and support staff who might be sharing the book with the children.

Accompanying the books is a detailed but clear teachers' guide (also on CD-ROM) which contains suggestions and directions for using the texts under headings of Prepare; Read; Challenge; Review; then ideas for further and extended activities and photocopiable work sheets. Collins Read On is very well produced attractive resource which could lead children to a place where they will want, and be able, to read mainstream books.

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