Come Alive Football


by Helen Bromley

This is a beautifully produced,quite joyous resource! Recognising that even very young children love to play football and have favourite teams, Come Alive Football contains a range of resources and a wealth of ideas for using the theme of football to encourage learning. There is a clear and accessible teachers’ book, with an exceptionally well-written introduction which puts a whole new perspective on the benefits of using football to reinforce learning. The teachers’ book is full of ideas for cross-curricular work such as maths games based on shirt numbers or investigating why balls role. It includes suggestions for creative writing, role play, story-telling, indoor-and outdoor play, model making and so on. At the back of the book there are printed resources such as pictures of crowd scenes, team sheets, trophies, a football pitch etc which are both fun and educational. There is also a CD Rom with downloadable materials including mirror-image team players so that they can change end – very simple but very clever! – and of course the requisite yellow and red cards without which no game of football is complete! In addition, there is a very appealing set of wooden characters with players, refs, lines men – everything you need for a match. A complete delight !

Formats available

Teachers Book | CD Rom | Activity Resource


Football Theme | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them