Comprehension Booster


Comprehension Booster is a program for encouraging and supporting children's reading, listening and comprehension skills.Children read a text on screen and then answer multiple choice questions. Students can read the text themselves; or have the text and questions read aloud whilst they follow the words; and there's a listen-only facility too to help develop children's listening skills.The speech facility is clear and uses several different voices. There are 70 fictional texts of differing levels which have lively, colourful illustrations. A non-fiction set is also available as an addition. This program is easy to use so children can be working with minimal supervision. In Automatic mode, the program can set itself to the child's needs and reading level. Gives valuable practice to those children who can decode words but not always grasp meaning.

Formats available



SEN specific | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them