Crash Dive


Author: John Townsend
 Barney is the very engaging central character of this contemporary thriller : a 13-year old boy that many young teenagers will relate to. He's funny, clever and, like many teenagers, totally misunderstood by the adults around him. Barney's parents have split up. His dad is now based in Scotland and every two weeks, he flies, as an 'unaccompanied minor', to spend the weekend with him.  It is on one of these flights that Barney's life takes an unfortunate turn! Barney's adjustment to his changed family circumstances and his troublesome school life is a great backdrop to the fast-moving terrorist plot that Barney is unwittingly caught up in.  Barney's one of those kids that always seems to land in trouble through no fault of his own! As a result, no-one takes his concerns seriously and he is left to tackle the situation alone with a little help from his best friend, Laura.  Within a few paragraphs, Crash Dive gets right into the story, setting a sinister brooding atmosphere. This is a fun, pacy, page-turner with some genuinely shocking moments. A lovely substantial-looking book but with really good-sized , well-spaced text making it easy on the eye and a very accessible read. 

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Paper Back | Epub


Fiction | Boy appeal | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them