Dear Miss



Completely delicious picture book ! Towards the end of the summer holidays, Michael receives a ‘welcome back to school’ letter from the headmaster with a message that learning, including spelling tests and other challenges, can be fun. Michael clearly doesn’t share the Head’s sentiments and, through a series of extremely funny letters in reply, explains why he might not be in school for the start of term – reasons include being recruited by MI5; captured by pirates; battling with crocodiles; sent on a space mission by NASA all the time accompanied by his faithful sidekick – his dog Bruno! Innovative, imaginative design of envelope-style cover; text written in child-like hand writing style– complete with crossings-out and smudges but still very clear and legible; and bold, colourful ‘childish’ illustrations – make this book a delight - although it’s possibly one which will delight grown-ups even more than children. But hey why not spoil yourselves? A lovely book for sharing and ideal encouragement for those children who really aren’t looking forward to the start of term!


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