DigiPals - Geeta’s story


DigiPals is a brand new, exciting series of digital readers offering a way to practise reading for young primary children or for those for whom English is an additional language.

These ‘aps’ are ideal for home-school use to encourage parental involvement in literacy. With the emergence of iPads in school, they are also a classroom resource.

What strikes you most about Geeta’s story are the fantastic graphics – more associated with gaming than with traditional software. The stories also link into the Little Bridge philosophy of dealing with a family so you can become involved in the whole community – and children familiar with Littlebridge.com will know the characters and enjoy hearing their stories! When schoolteacher Mrs Mackenzie tells the children there’ll be a show in Little Bridge, everyone’s excited. There’s singing, dancing and even magic tricks, but what will Geeta do? Will her shyness stop her from taking part?

The ‘ap’ offers reading in story form but is also interactive in that children can take part in activities and even practise their handwriting on screen. It’s easy to use with 3-D characters and scenes, the story is read aloud (with highlighted text to encourage you to follow along), and includes lots of animated surprises to click on and sounds to hear (so good for phonic awareness), a quiz to check understanding of the story and more. Children can explore key vocabulary and reinforce by writing words with the unique writing feature.

The series of books have been graded to fit with the Cambridge ESOL syllabus, so there’s a clear progression across the 6-level series - in subject, style, length, sentence structure and vocabulary.

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Fiction | Poetry/Rhyme | cultural diversity | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them | EAL