Espresso Primary


Espresso Primary is an amazingly extensive library of cross-curricular digital resources, giving primary teachers (FS to KS2), access to a huge range of materials to support all aspects of the curriculum, as well as their own professional development. It is very easy to use and updated on a weekly basis, with the latest news from the internet and TV. The weekly news service is a great resource for encouraging listening and speaking skills and ensures that teachers and children are working with information that is bang up-to-date. At present, Espresso Primary includes 70 modules, each containing a large collection of high quality materials, including videos, printable worksheets, multimedia resources, website links and many other items, with more modules being added every term. This is a fantastic support for teachers as well as very motivating for children. For instance, the Foundation Stage materials has a module on books, includes ‘The Jolly Postman’ read by its author Allan Ahlberg, with a photograph of the author and information about him, as well as other printable pages. One of the KS2 authors is Jacqueline Wilson, who talks about how she tackles writing and shows us her family photo album. Book reviews sent in by pupils for her books and those of other authors are available for children to read. As well as all the literacy material, this value for money resource can be used across all subjects. It is also available for parents to access and use at home.

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Non-Fiction | Poetry/Rhyme | Drama/Play | cross curricular | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them | EAL