Franklin AnyBook Reader - DRP-3000


A little gem of a product! This remarkable little battery-operated gadget is about the size of a fat pen. (Do you remember the ones where you had 50 different coloured ink biro points in the same casing? well - about that size!) The AnyBook Reader comes with two sets of small round stickers. One illustrated set has pre-recorded sounds on it - a train, a baby laughing, a clap of thunder, a siren etc. The second set are stickers on which you can record your own voice and other sounds. Following the very simple instructions, you put a sticker on the page of any printed text - a picture book, a novel, a set of instructions. You then put the end of your Anybook Reader over the sticker, press the volume button, wait for a little beep then record yourself reading that page. When you then press the AnyBook Reader on that same sticker, it plays back the recording.. The pre-recorded sound stickers mean you can customise your favourite stories. What I really love about this product is its simplicity and ease of use. There is some remarkable speak and read software around but the beauty of the AnyBook Reader is that you don't need to have any IT skills. It's really small, lightweight and portable - could easily slip into a pocket or a bag - giving it a use far beyond the classroom. The instructions are very easy to follow so within a couple of minutes you can have it up and running. This is a great resource for children of all ages and abilities. It could encourage and give confidence for reading aloud and children could have great fun deciding which illustrations or aspects of a story could have a sound effect and then working out how to make it! In addition, the AnyBook Reader could have very real benefits for children with special needs. It could be a really useful tool for those working with and caring for children who need one-to-one attention and who enjoy and learn more easily from hearing a familiar voice. It could also have significant benefits for children for whom English in not the first language spoken at home. It could also be used for home/school continuity, with parents and carers at home, and  parents/ carers/ older siblings who are away from their children for a significant time and want to read them a story. It has 15 hours of battery life and the recordable stickers can be reused.

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suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them | EAL