Go! The Dead Man Files & Go! Dare or Danger : Series


Go! The Dead Man Files by Alan Coombes;
Go!  Dare or Danger by Sue Graves

Two interesting, innovative series for secondary students with a reading age of 6. Each series has 6 books – The Dead Man Files is an unusual concept. 16 year old Luke is dead, killed in a car crash, but his ghost watches over his friends and family protecting them from crime and other dangers. In Dare or Danger two boys find a coin with the words ‘danger’ on one side and ‘dare’ on the other. A flip of a coin, and who knows what will happen? Both series are slim books, with great covers, age-appropriate illustrations throughout, short chapters, just a couple of lines on each page, off-white paper and a special font to make reading easier. Although the text is carefully edited for the right level, the stories still flow.

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Fiction | SEN specific