Hands On Flips Series – Writing Starters


Imaginative Starters; Persuasive Starters; Photo Starters; Point of View
These teaching resources provide thousands of ideas for writing formats and topics. Each spiral-bound booklet is divided into three sections which gives suggested writing format, topic, character, event etc. pupils can flip through the pages to devise an individual writing task, such as “write a passage for a teen magazine” “about getting lost in a city” “from an animal’s point of view” or “write a story told by a baddy about” “a briefcase full of money” “that must be kept secret”.  The “Photo Starters” version, unsurprisingly, uses full colour visual  stimuli, classified under the headings “who”, “what”, “where” and “when”.
The books themselves are well presented and sturdy, so should be able to stand up to plenty of wear and tear.  They could be used for all abilities at Key Stage 3, but may be particularly helpful for students who find it difficult to know what to write about or to start writing without considerable teacher input.

Formats available

Activity Resource


suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them