Hattori Hachi: Stalking the Enemy


by Jane Prowse

It’s only a year since Hattie found out she’s from an important Ninjitsu line of warriors. No longer just a 15 year-old revising for GCSEs, Hattie is chased by her family’s greatest enemy, the Kataki. Both sides are after one thing: the deadly Diamond Dagger that can kill the Golden Child and give power to the one who possesses it. With Toby working with the Kataki, Hattie has to fight for survival. This is the second book in the series and starts with Hattie back in her normal life but waiting for something to happen. She will soon be 16 years old and that means the legacy of the Golden Child will be claimed. What isn’t certain is if her twin brother, Toby will claim the title first.You would need to read the first novel to get the most out of the story but there is just enough back-story for those coming to the series for the first time to be able to understand the plot. There are also some interesting ninjitsu terms used which may prompt the reader to do some background research too. A very fast-paced action adventure story, with Hattie as the feisty hero and an eclectic mix of supporting characters, this may have boy-appeal as well as offer a strong role-model to girl readers.

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