Henderson's Boys: Secret Army


By Robert Muchamore

Secret Army is the third in Robert Muchamore's Henderson's Boys series,  a spin off from the best selling CHERUB Series, and tells how CHERUB was started and its first missions. CHERUB is an organisation set up during World War II to train youngsters to become secret agents. The first two books in this series involve thwarting the Nazi's plans to invade England. “Secret Army” follows the first set of kids through their training and a final test which will enable them to be allowed to be dropped into occupied Europe on actual missions, mixing familiar characters from the previous books with a new cast of characters who form the beginning of CHERUB. This makes the book accessible to those who have never read any of the series before, although it would probably help to read the books in sequence. As well as a fast moving adventure story, it also provides insights into life in Britain 1941 and as such might be a way of getting some boys interested in history.   Its mix of espionage and gritty realism, with a number of plot twists and turns, draws readers into the story and keeps them there.

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