Hopscotch :Series


This is an extensive series with several strands. Hopscotch itself contains some 20 books. These  stories of under 400 words by well known children’s authors and illustrators such as Malachy Doyle, Anne Cassidy and Karen Wallace are told simply and with touches of humour, both in the words and the full colour pictures. Bright cheerful covers, and catchy titles such as How to Teach a Dragon Manners; My Dad's a Balloon;  and Marigold's Bad Hair Day have instant appeal.

Hopscotch Fairy Tales  are simple retellings by well-known authors.  All the favourites are there - Cinderella, Snow White, The Three Billy Goats Gruff .  Good sized text and plenty of delightful full-colour illustrations plus a contemporary approach make them very appealing. For instance, in the case of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf looks forward to his “Granny lunch with little girl pudding”. Later on, in his haste to catch Red Riding Hood as she runs away, he trips over the nightgown he was wearing, enabling the woodcutter to catch up with him and force him to cough up Granny!

Hopscotch Myths, (which has 12 books in the series),  are full colour retellings of popular myths and legends such as Romulus and Remus, Icarus the Boy Who Flew and includes a delightful Big Book of an African myth, No Dinner for Anansi, complete with atmospheric illustrations.

Hopscotch Stories of Religion  by Anita Ganeri are simple retellings of great stories from world religions eg 'A Hindu Story: The Birth of Krishna'; 'An Islamic Story; The Great Night Journey'; 'A Christian Story: The Good Samaritan'. Simple text and plenty of full-colour illustrations make these very accessible.

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Fiction | cross curricular | cultural diversity | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them