I-Learn: Speaking and Listening ; I-Learn: Writing


I-Learn: Speaking and Listening Years 1 and 2; Years 3 and 4; Years 5 and 6

Series editor Louise Glasspoole


I-Learn: Writing – Non Fiction Years 1 and 2; Years 3 and 4; Years 5 and 6

Series editor Pie Corbett

Each stage in the series comprises a DVD, which is designed to be used as an interactive whiteboard resource and accompanying teacher’s book, which contains detailed teaching plans, linked to National Curriculum and Primary Framework for Literacy requirements and photocopiable worksheets for each of the three age groups.


Each also contains a number of themed units such as "asking good questions" (Years 1 and 2) or "persuasive argument" (Years 5 and 6), which are all broken down into six "focuses" for Speaking and Listening: setting the scene; learning from models; let’s practice; let’s practice some more; how did they do?; and over to you. For Writing, there are nine focuses for each unit, including model texts, author interviews about the writing process, speaking and listening activities to provide opportunities to rehearse the language of the text type and visual, textual or multimedia writing stimuli. Both of the series include a number of games or other fun activities to engage children.


The focuses can be used in order, or could be selected by the teacher on the basis of pupils’ previous experience and time constraints. Materials to support assessment, aimed at both teachers and pupils, are also included.


A particularly useful feature of the series is the exemplification of good writing and speaking and listening, in audio and video clips, which will enable children to discuss and analyse skills as well as provide effective modelling in the classroom. Using children in many of these clips underlines what the pupil should be aiming for in their own talk or writing. Teachers can also design resources using the Pad in the Teacher’s Area, or organise ready made content and allocate it to the Children’s Area. Both of these features do not require high levels of IT skills!


Set up is very straightforward, even for novices and the DVD can be installed onto networked systems so that teachers can share their work and content can be accessed directly by pupils for more independent working. Unlike many similar resources, there is no difference in price for this: the DVD’s contents can be used on one or 101 computers. You can also access sample materials before you buy on the Cambridge-Hitachi website.


This is a highly flexible resource which would not only support explicit teaching of non-fiction writing or speaking and listening skills in literacy lessons but across the curriculum. The DVDs are extremely high quality, full of engaging activities and ideas and I-Learn: Speaking and Listening in particular would be very useful as a whole school approach to the teaching of this vital but often neglected area of literacy.


Formats available

Teachers Book | DVD Video | Activity Resource


Non-Fiction | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them