Jiggy’s Magic Balls: A Medieval Mess


By Michael Lawrence

It's Jiggy's birthday and instead of what he thought he was getting, he is given a piece of paper. But this is no ordinary piece of paper! The paper claims that GIT (Genetic Investigations in Time) can trace back hundreds and thousands of Jiggy's ancestors, and more importantly, the ones that have the very exact arrangement of DNA, which means they are basically his identical twins who lived a very long time ago. They have the same personalities and are like Jiggy McCue in every single way possible. And so we are thrown into the muddy life of Jiggy's great ancestor: 15th Century Jiggy! An extremely witty, enjoyable read from the start, starring Jiggy McCue an the engaging central character (or in this book, his ancestor). This is the start of a new series, Jiggy’s Genes,a spin-off from the original Jiggy McCue series Fitting in well with the popular history/comedy genre in both children’s TV and books, this is bound to be a hit with young (and not so young) readers.(some Jiggy McCue stories available as ebooks).

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