Let’s Find Out: Series


This is a series of 6 non-fiction books by author/illustrator Ruth Walton with a very distinctive style combining photographic and collage effects. Using very familiar activities such as baking a cake or getting dressed, they  help children understand more about the world around them.  The books are accessible, informative and attractively presented and each one covers a wide range of information. Let’s Read A Book, for instance, covers libraries and how they are organised; different scripts, including Braille; how writing has changed over thousands of years; how paper is made; and how paper-based and eBooks are produced. At the end, children are shown how to make their own book and there is a Glossary of words which may have been unfamiliar to the reader.

Formats available

Hard Back


Non-Fiction | cross curricular | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them