Make Phonics Fun: Play, Practise, Test


by Bev Long, Kathy Garnett & Helen Watts

This is a series of 3 books of phonic resources. The books include teacher’s notes, photocopiable activity sheets, stories, poems and non-fiction pages, as well as references to useful websites. Each book has 6 topics based around common themes. These are designed to cover the 3 terms of Year I and are graded accordingly.

This substantial resource provides a wealth of lively and imaginative ideas and activities and so is a welcome addition to the phonic resources already available for this age group. The books can be used to provide additional material alongside whichever phonic scheme a school is using. The phonics screening check for 6 year olds has been kept very much in mind and so pseudo words are included as well as real words. Although the books can be purchased separately, there is a discount if all 3 books are purchased at the same time.

The Autumn topics book is geared to pupils starting Year I and covers: School life, the Weather, Celebrations, Magic, Rhythm & Rhyme, and Night time.

The Spring topics book covers: Spring, Colour, Food, Monsters, Homes and Dinosaurs.

Summer topics

builds on pupils’ phonic knowledge over the year and the topics are: Holidays, Pets, Transport, Minibeasts, Fairytales, and All about me .

Formats available

Teachers Book | Activity Resource


Fiction | Non-Fiction | Poetry/Rhyme | cross curricular