Monster Stories (series): The Feathered Ogre; The Mother of Monsters


Rretold by Fran Parnell; illustrated by Sophie Fatus
These two unusual little stories are retold in a way that makes the young reader want to turn the page. Delightfully illustrated, they give a flavour of their countries of origin while keeping the reader absorbed.Short, crisp sentences and simple vocabulary carry the story along. In each one, the main characters in the story are introduced and described on the inside front cover. This is mirrored by profiles on the inside back cover of the author and illustrator.
The Feathered Ogre a story from Italy  gives an unusual spin to a story about a king and his daughter. Pirolo, a young palace gardener, yearns to do something more exciting than weeding the royal potato patch! When the King falls ill and the only thing that will save him is a magic feather from the ogre's back, Pirolo sets forth where others fear to tread.
The Mother of Monsters is an imaginative story from South Africa about Ntombi, the Chief's daughter. She is a fearless young lady and will only agree to marry an equally courageous young man. Despite the Chief's releuctance, she sets out with some frineds  for the river where the dreded Mother of Monsters lives. In the process, she meets a widower who is the answer to her dreams.
There are two further titles in the series : The Abominable Snowman - a story from Nepal; and The Terrible Chenoo - a story from North America.

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