Mortal Chaos: (First in a series of 3)


Mortal Chaos by Matt Dickinson
This is a really fast-paced, heart-stopping page turner of a book.  Taking the universal theme of cause and effect, the story shows how a seemingly ineffectual incident can have a series of far-reaching knock-on consequences.  In the Wiltshire countryside, a butterfly startles a rabbit, which in turn runs into the path of a race horse, which stumbles and injures its leg, so they have to call the vet out, in his rush to get to the horse, the vet leaves behind some keys, which in turn his son picks up ...and so it goes on. Ingeniously, the story manages to weave together places and events as diverse as a hospital in Malawi, a Japanese girl on Mount Everest, a businessman flying from Heathrow, a theme park in Berkshire and more. 

In some ways, Mortal Chaos is a challenging read : you to have to hold all the threads of the multi-layered story together in your head. On the other hand, the extremely short, snappy chapters make it a very accessible and satisfying reading experience for those who lack reading-stamina. There are some dark themes running through this and some truly shocking moments. It's the sort of story that could turn an able but reluctant reader into a voracious devourer of books!

Two more titles : Mortal Chaos: Deep Oblivion (already available) and Mortal Chaos: Speed Freak due out in early 2013.

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Fiction | Boy appeal | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them