My Friend Books (series); My Friend Amy; My Friend Jamal


by Anna McQuinn and Ben Frey
These two glorious picture books are a joyful and exuberant portrayal of friendship and show how children from different cultural backgrounds celebrate and share those differences. Joseph and Jamal are best friends. Jamal's family is from Somalia - although Jamal was born in Queen Charlotte's hospital just like Joseph. Through Joseph's  description of Jamal and his family, we learn so much about Jamal's culture - although it's done in such a gentle way that the reader almost soaks it up without realising quite how much factual information they are absorbing - we learn that Somalia is suffering in a war; that Jamal's mother uses exotic spices and fruit in her cooking; that their holy book is the Koran and many other things. We also learn that Jamal and Joseph dress up as Superheroes and that they love basketball and cars! In My Friend Amy, Monifa, whose family is originally from West Africa describes her best friend, Amy, whose family is from China. Amy's family uses chopsticks, runs a Chinese restaurant and celebrates Chinese New Year. But both girls love art, dressing up , the colour purple and caring for animals. These delightful books show that the things that we have in common are far greater than the things that set us apart. Vibrant illustrations and full-colour photographs featuring real chldren with proper gap-toothed grins, good-sized text in easy-to-follow boxes, these books are a complete joy from start to finish and a positive reflection of Britain's rich and varied multi-cultural society.

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