My Name is Mina


By David Almond

“My Name is Mina” is a prequel to Almond's first novel, Skellig, published in 1998, but is also a standalone exploration of a child's relationship with language, ideas and life, as expressed through the journal of a nine-year-old girl. We already know from Skellig that Mina is somewhat of a free-spirit, but in this novel we get to see Mina, from Mina’s point-of-view, in a time before she knows Michael. Each section of the diary and her style changedepending on subject matter, switching from first person to third person when she is uncompforatble talking about something. This works really well, allowing the reader a better understanding and emotional bond with Mina, which is important in a book that is more of a charcter piece than plot driven. It is also well presented using heavy bright white paper with different fonts and graphical features reflecting the tone of what is being written. Interesting little snippets of knowledge are also scattered throughout. Although superficalliy this appears quite an easy read, the subject matter makes it suitable for older children.

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