My Story: Series


Extensive series of historical fiction celebrating its 10 Anniversary in 2011! Slim novels giving a first person account of famous events and eras. The My Story titles are fictionalised real life accounts - the author creating a character and telling their story within an historical setting. My True Story are researched fact-based stories of real people. The diary format titles are particularly good for less confident readers as the short, concise daily entries are very accessible. Both ‘My Story’and 'My True Story' are divided into titles primarily aimed at boys and titles primarily aimed at girls.There are 15 or so stories for boys. Recent titles include My True Story: Standing Alone by Jim Eldridge (for boys) My Story: Hero at Dunkirk . The girls’ list is even longer – some 20 plus titles - the most recent title is My Story: Factory Girl by Pamela Oldfield and My True Story: Give Us the Vote by Sue Reid. In addition, there’s a series-within-a series My Royal Story which, as the title suggests, is about such famous royal women as Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, and Victoria. Coming soon is My Royal Story: Henry VIII's Wives by Alison Prince

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Fiction | Non-Fiction | Boy appeal | Girl Appeal | cross curricular | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them