Nat Fantastic and the Brave Knights of Old


By Giles Andreae, illustrated by Katherine McEwen

The third picture book featuring sneezing superhero, Nat Fantastic, is back, and sees him join the knights of old. Every time Nat's mummy leaves the room, his nose gets tingly, then he's sneezed away on an amazing adventure, only to be sneezed right back home again just in time for her to come back into the room. Each adventure is short, with every journey back in time taking just two or three pages. This gives the story some catchy repetition as Nat's sneezing propels him around time. The text is vibrant, with lots of knightly vocabulary like damsel, lance and duel to get to grips with. The potentially unfamiliar words are never pitched too high or too low - it's always clear what's going on. The illustrations are energetic, perfectly reflecting the action, rather than detracting it. This would be a popular book for sharing with little boys especially.

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Picture Book | Hard Back


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