New Generation Literacy File


A very comprehensive resource, one for each year group from Foundation to Year 6, specifically designed to be photocopiable for classroom use. A CD-Rom is available but so is a weighty, old-fashioned file and there are certainly strengths of having it in the latter format.

The resource file attempts to address ‘the wider enriched literacy curriculum and creativity, whilst being closely matched to the renewed Framework’ – and its attempt is a very good one. Even if one discounted the framework mapping – which is done in detail - the resources and lesson plans themselves are certainly worthy on their own merits.

The file is divided into three main areas: Narrative; Non-fiction; Poetry and there are separate units for study within these (e.g. Stories with familiar settings; Information texts; Patterns on the page).

As aforementioned, this resource is very comprehensive and the units are designed to offer as much help and support to teachers as possible. Cross-curricular links and differentiation opportunities are included in each lesson plan, as are assessment opportunities.

The stimulus material is varied and often extracts from whole books which is good to see.

In summary, though one’s own practice in literacy throughout the year would obviously not be limited solely to this file, it is an excellent ‘off the peg’ resource and a great time saver.

Teachers Book, CD Rom, Activity Resource fiction non-fiction poetry

Formats available

Teachers Book | CD Rom | Activity Resource


Fiction | Non-Fiction | Poetry/Rhyme