Out of this World : Series


Out of this World is an imaginative sci-fi series designed to grab the attention of reluctant readers and writers. It is aimed at KS2 pupils (although it might appeal to some KS3 struggling readers) and consists of 32 manga-style novels divided into 4 reading levels called zones. The first three zones contain graphic novels, while zone 4 helps the young reader to make the move to coping with longer texts by using illustrated novels. Each zone has a teachers’ book and a CD-ROM of writing activities, artwork and templates, so that children can try writing their own books along similar lines.

A very useful addition to this series is the Out of this World Spartan starter pack, containing 8 books, (2 for each zone), and a CD-ROM covering all four levels. The books contain a single storyline, so that readers are encouraged to move on to the next book in the series. The CD-ROM includes an animated motion comic, teachers’ notes and some photocopiable materials relating to all 8 books. This pack can be used with pupils who can move on more rapidly, and, once their interest is caught, they may be better prepared to make the transition from the graphic novels to the illustrated novels featured in the last two books.

Formats available

Paper Back | Teachers Book | CD Rom


Fiction | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them