Poetry in Motion


 Poetry in Motion

written by Roger Butts

This is a lovely resource, very simple but effective. A CD rom of downloadable and copiable PDFs jam packed with ideas for encouraging children's interest in poetry through outdoor activities and excursions. It is written in a very friendly, accessible, almost chatty style and illustrated with children's drawings. The suggested activities are themed on places that the children could visit such as 'Sacred Places'; 'The Countryside' ; 'Historic Places' but also according to subject and style such as Animal Poems, Travel Poems, Opposites, Be Verbose with Verbs. And even if you can't take the children on a walk or a visit, there are always the school grounds to explore! The author finds inspiration in almost everything around him! There are also sections on other poets who take inspiration from the great outdoors and help on Drafting and Presentation. There is a substantial amount of information under each heading but it's really worth reading. This is a great resource for those days - and we all have them! - when the Muse has left you and you're stuck for ideas. It could also be particularly useful for new and less experienced teachers.

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