Project X Phonics


This high quality reading programme has been designed with a special focus on encouraging, motivating and supporting boys' reading - although there's plenty in there to interest girls as well! This series of more than 100 carefully graded and colour banded books is characterised by vibrant innovative art-work featuring four 'animation-style' characters - friends Mat, Cat, Ant and Tiger. A very contemporary digital appearance which will have instant appeal and which young children will readily relate to.

Reception and KS1: Starts with a large-format series of books 'Exploring Sounds: Animals'; 'Exploring Sounds: Home and School'; 'Exploring Sounds: Out and About'. with activities to encourage listening and speaking skills - Sound Games, Rhyming Games etc based on the book's theme. It then moves on to a phonics-based strand 'Exploring Letters' with a large format book with fiction and non-fiction readers at each stage.The reading books have a split-page format with text for adults to read on the left and large print text in speech bubbles and boxes on the right with learning suggestions headed ' Read' 'Talk' 'Activity'. These double-page spreads are particularly clear, bold and colourful. In addition to the teaching notes in the books, there is a well laid out, very clear Teaching Handbook and more than 70 activity cards.

KS2 offers a range of fiction by well-known authors such as Tony Bradman and Jeanne Willis and non-fiction with exciting titles such as Fast and Furious and Heroes and Villians. All the books have full-colour illustrations and although they are graded , they move along at a pace.

Alongside the books, for use with an interactive whiteboard, there is a CD-rom for every stage which includes features such as page-turning technology, audio, video and animation; and a character image bank and writing frames for encouraging children's own creative skills. All in all, a very well thought out and beautifully produced resource.


Formats available

Paper Back | Big Book | Teachers Book | CD Rom | Activity Resource


Fiction | Non-Fiction | Boy appeal | cross curricular | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them