Reading Between the Lines


LCP’s Reading Between the Lines –

Teaching inference and deduction to KS1


To complement the spate of phonic material that has been coming on stream in the last few years, it is good to see a resource that aims to help Infants focus on understanding the information in front of them. Written by Nicky Byrne, this photocopiable resource of over 140 pages, comes complete with a CD containing everything that is in the pack, as well as having the facility to be adapted to suit the needs of a particular class or group of pupils. All the photographs, which are central to the resource, can be downloaded in colour. 


The resource consists of 32 units to cover Year 1 and Year 2. Each unit contains one photograph and 2 texts. It is suggested that the photos are used as a starting point for Year 1 children, so that, whether they are readers or not, they can learn to look at the picture and see how many of the questions they can answer. These range from providing factual information to thinking about what might be happening, or what people might be thinking or feeling. For Year 2 pupils, there are 2 texts to go with each of the same set of photographs, one uses inference and the other does not. Through the questions that are given, pupils are encouraged to compare the texts and see how the writers achieve the effect they want. 


The material can be used as a whole class resource, linked to the whiteboard, or in small groups for guided reading. It is suggested that the teacher chooses a unit per week, so that the children become familiar with the format. In addition to the images and the texts, activities are suggested to extend each unit. There is a record sheet at the back of the resource, where teachers can record the stage the child has reached and also note the evidence for making the assessment.



Formats available

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