Reading Explorers : Series


A series of 5 Teachers’ books (one for each year from Year 2 – Year 6) - each containing 36 lesson plans  ( 6 per half term) with accompanying CD-Rom for use with an interactive white board.  The main text in each book is aimed at the average reading ability for that age group whilst the CD-rom has an additional two texts for the less and more confident reader. The activities are designed to support and encourage essential thinking, reasoning and study skills as well as reading and comprehension skills. The lesson plans are divided into four sections – warm up questions, main questions, essential vocabulary and evaluative questions.  In addition, a CD ROM accompanies each book and provides differentiated text for each lesson plan, at a level above and a level below the text included in the book. The CD ROM also contains a variety of other resource materials to support the teacher in the classroom.   Easy and accessible to use, this series is a useful resource - features such as the planning matrix are practical and time saving - and could be of particular interest to newly qualified or less experienced teachers.

Formats available

Teachers Book | CD Rom


suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them