By R. J. Anderson

A sequel to best-selling "Knife ", this is a fairytale with a difference. Linden has to learn to be brave like her foster mother Knife in a fairy world which is full of danger and treachery. The Fairy Queen is dying. Everyone is anxious about what will happen after her time is over. Linden knows that she must be brave but has she the strength and courage it will take? "Rebel" is a quest narrative full of action and adventure. In the Oakenwyld's exclusively female society, Linden is a sympathetic heroine. Timothy, a missionary's son who is questioning his faith, is a believable character with whom the reader can identify. Even minor characters like Martin, an apparently evil faery who is clearly destined to play a larger part in the next book, are well-drawn and engaging. The story races along at a terrific rate, is action packed but somehow never feels rushed or sacrifices characterisation.Some of the plot twists can perhaps be guessed in advance by experienced readers, but younger fans may be surprised by events in the thrilling climax. Also available as ebook.

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