Rose and the Magician’s Mask


By Holly Webb

A magical mask has been stolen by an evil magician, and if he wears it in Venice, on the first Sunday of the New Year, he will gain enormous power. Needless to say Rose and the other members of the household set off to prevent this. One quite original aspect is the fact that Rose is a servant. This is a world with many similarities to nineteenth-century Britain, with all its prejudices and class consciousness, so while Rose is allowed to share Freddie's magic lessons, she still has to perform her duties as a housemaid and get up before daybreak to light fires and scrub floors. While young girls will love all the magic and adventure, there is a fair amount of darkness in this, the third book in the "Rose" series, especially when the action moves to Venice. The beginning of the book is rather slow, because a lot of back story is given. This does mean, however, that it is not necessary to have read the previous two books to enjoy this one, but it does require a bit of patience on the part of the reader.Also available as an ebook.

Formats available

Paper Back | Epub


Fiction | Girl Appeal | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them