Saxby Smart: Secret of the Skull


Saxby Smart: Secret of the Skull by Simon Cheshire

The eighth book in the popular Saxby Smart series finds the schoolboy detective trying to discover the true identity of a classmate’s so-called aunt. If she is who she says she is, why does she have credit cards in different people’s names in her handbag and why do official records show that she died years ago?

The fast-moving and comic storyline will keep readers hooked and wanting to know what happens next – the action-driven plot may be attractive to boys especially. Particular good features are the way in which the reader is invited to review the emerging evidence, through Saxby’s case notes, or pause to reflect on what might just have been revealed about the plot by the strategic inclusion of questions marks. Vocabulary and syntax are both uncomplicated, making this appropriate for young readers who are starting to be able to manage longer stories by themselves.

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