Season of Secrets


by Sally Nicholls

Molly and her older sister Hannah are living with their grand-parents following the death of their mother a few months earlier. Their father, struggling to cope with his grief, is becoming more and more distant. It’s autumn. The girls are finding it hard to adjust to a new school and life-style. In a burst of anger, they decide to run away but in the darkness they get separated. Scared and alone, Molly hears the sound of horses’ hooves. A man bursts into view running hard and bloodied, pursued by a pack of hounds and a strange-looking rider bedecked with holly. Who are these mysterious people? In the church, Molly sees a carving of an ancient mythological figure. He bears an uncanny likeness to the injured man… This book blends the ancient and contemporary in a magical, finally uplifting, story about the inevitable circle of life and death.

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