Sky Hawk


by Gill Lewis

A beautiful, touching, heart wrenching and ultimately uplifting story that takes the reader from the wet and windy landscape of Scotland to the warmth of The Gambia in Africa. When Callum meets Iona she shares a secret with him: there’s an Osprey nesting on his farm. A rare bird that hasn’t been seen in the area for many years. Despite Iona being shunned by many of the other children and their parents due to an old family feud, Callum and she became firm friends drawn together by the need and their wish to protect and care for the Ospreys. But then a terrible tragedy occurs and for Callum life would not be quite the same again. However, he’d made a promise to care for the female Osprey, Iris. Using a computer, he tracks her migratory flight from Scotland to Africa over oceans, deserts and forests but when he loses her signal, he fears the worst. In desperation, he sends out an email to anyone who might be able to find her. His message is picked up by a young girl in hospital on the other side of the world … This novel is a fantastic, gripping read but it also covers many issues – prejudice, the nature of friendship, family and community, the environment . Great for cross-curricular work too - you could track Iris's journey using googleearth or an atlas; you could work out how long it should take her at a certain speed; you could take the opportunity to study The Gambia and other parts of Africa.,,,,

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Dreams & Aspirations theme | Fiction | cross curricular | Issues | cultural diversity