Start Reading : Series


This substantial series for beginner readers has been expanded to include a number of different genres. The 9 colour coded bands stretch from Reception to the end of KS1 and are very carefully graded to support children who are getting off the ground with reading. Simple stories with themes and events that young children can easily relate to eg Start Reading: Fun and Games consists of four books with stories built around an outdoor game hopscotch, football etc. Start Reading: Just Like Me has four stories with a focus on disability. Start Reading: Nursery Crimes are fun takes on these well-known favourites - Just who did push Humpty off the wall? And where have Bo-Peep's sheep gone? Non-fiction titles include topics on hygiene and the arrival of a new sibling. The series includes Big Books, fiction and non-fiction books and plays. Start Reading Plays There are now four plays in the Start Reading programme each featuring characters from one of the Start Reading sets but they can stand alone as well.The Big Books include Fairytale Jumbles, such as putting together ‘Snow White and the Enormous Turnip’, and ‘Goldilocks and the Wolf,’ to create a new approach to well known fairy stories that children will enjoy. A variety of authors and illustrators includes Anne Cassidy, Hilary Robinson and Martin Remphry. The colourful illustrations, fine grading and interest level of the stories themselves, all help to motivate children, while easing their path to becoming successful readers

Formats available

Paper Back | Hard Back | Big Book


Fiction | Non-Fiction | Drama/Play | cross curricular | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them