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This is a similar concept to The Storyspinner series but, as the title suggests, specialising in stories from around the world.  There are three DVDs aimed at Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 – each containing 7 different stories. There is a mix of very well known traditional tales and some which might very well be new to even the most experienced practitioners.  eg How Elephant Got His Trunk (from India), Tiddalink the Frog (an Australian Aboriginal story)  . A very simple but effective format – just one person to camera – yet very atmospheric. These stories are told by a range of story-tellers (Katrice Horsley; Tuup; Cat Weatherill; Effua Daniels; Peter Chand) each with a very different style but each one excellent with the ability to hold an audience spellbound!  Great to hear a range of accents! Plenty of opportunity for children to join in the story. An excellent resource for developing children’s listening and speaking skill; their story telling and creative writing skills; and as a great support to teachers and TAs who may not always have confidence in their own story-telling and reading-aloud skills.

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