Striker Boy;


By Jonny Zucker
A cracking read and the first in a new series that's sure to win fans! Nat Dixon is an extraordinarily gifted football player. Since the death of his mother 7 years previously, Nat and his dad, Dave, have been travelling the world. Nat honed some of his ammazing skills on the beaches of Brazil.  Now, out of the blue, his dad announces the time has come for them to settle in England and for Nat to start leading a more conventional life for a 13 year old - like going to school! Things don't start off well - the cottage his father bought unseen is full of rubbish and practically falling down and Nat can't believe his father has brought them back to England to live there. But at least,  he might get to see his beloved Hatton Rangers team play. Well, he certainly does that! Nat's extraordinary skills are spotted by the Hatton Rangers scout. The Club is really struggling, threatened with relegation and they are desperate for some new players to inject fresh hope and talent in the side. The only problem is Nat's age. You have to be 16 to play in the professional premier league. But desperate times require desperate measures - can they really get away with it? This novel rattles along at break neck speed. Packed with footballing detail, it also gives an insight into the less savoury side of the game - match fixing, player rivalry and the financial and performance pressures. But it also shines a positive light on team loyalty, sportsmanship and camaraderie; and the relationship between Nat and his Dad is warmly portrayed.  Yes, it's a little far-fetched, but who's worried about that? It's a story not a documentary and it's a big thrilling, fun-packed read!

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