TextHELP: Read&Write 11 Gold


This remarkable literacy support software is designed to assist students with literacy difficulties such as dyslexia or those for whom English is an additional language but could certainly have a use for many other students too. Once loaded, the software enables students to use ‘Windows’ with a series of unique adaptations. These are shown by an additional tool bar on screen. The great thing about this software is that even the tool bar has a speech facility so that by clicking on an icon students can hear what facility they've chosen as well as see it. The main features are a Speech facility which can be adapted to speak out individual words, sentences or whole chunks of text. This is ANY text including even websites and VLEs .The user can even select the tone of voice, the speed and volume of speech; Spelling with an enhanced phonetic spellchecker and definitions; Word Prediction which can 'learn' the student's writing style and choose the words accordingly; Dictionary with three levels;a Picture Dictionary which will provide images of unknown words;  Word Wizard for those times when when you know what you want to say but can't think of the right words (we've all been there!); Homophone Support with definitions and context of the word; Verb Checker;  Translator to translate words into French, Spanish, German or Italian; Speech Maker which can convert any text you choose into an MP3 or other format so you can use it on your ipod etc. Great for revision and homework! Scanning where any paper-based text - newspaper articles, books, letters etc can be scanned in and then read using the speech and dictionary facilities;  Vocabulary Tool and Speech Input - a voice recognition facility that converts the user's speech to text. Excellent for those who have difficulty using a key board. Additional features include PDF aloud - a PDF reader helping children to access notes and reports and Screen masking - screen tinting which assists children with dyslexia to read. There's also a teachers toolkit for profiling and reviewing activities. In all, this program really encourages inclusivity. It enables students to access the same reading and writing tools as their peers encouraging integration and producing a more confident environment for literacy. Because it’s such a sophisticated package, it does take time to download …but it’s worth it! A fantastic piece of software.

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