The Barefoot Book of Knights


written by John Matthews; illustrated by Giovanni Manna

A beautiful picture book, marvellous for reading aloud and sharing, about a young boy, Tom who goes to train as a knight at a big castle . There, the pages and squires are cared for and taught by Master William who is a great story-teller full of tales of the heroic knights of the past.  When Tom has a query or a problem, Master William can usually find a story to help. The stories Master William tells come from all over the world: Britain; Germany; Russia; Brittany; Persia; Japan; and France showing that the virtues of chivalry are universal. Courage and skill with a horse and a sword is only a part of it - a great Knight should be kind, courteous, helpful and respectful of others no matter whether they are rich or poor. Hundreds of years later that's still a relevant code of behaviour! End papers with illustrations of  coats of arms; medieval-style font for the titles and rich illustrations all add to the magic of this book.  Tucked into the back of the book  is an accompanying audio CD narrated by the well-known actor Anthony Head.

Formats available

Picture Book | Audio CD


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