The Dead


By David Gatward

Lazarus Stone is home alone! He is lazing around chatting on the phone with his best friend Craig, when a foul smell begins to take over the house. He tracks the smell to the lounge to discover a skinless figure drenched in blood. Not a corpse but some kind of Demon called Red, who has crossed over from “the other side” with a message for Lazarus’s father… HELL IS FULL AND THE DEAD ARE COMING! Twilight or Vampire Diaries fans will love this story for its gore, but it is Lazarus's transformation, together with the constant action, that makes The Dead such an enjoyable and gripping read.  As each nasty emerges (each more hideous than the last), he grows a little stronger until he embraces his destiny as a zombie warrior. There's also a fascinating mythology behind the splatterfest, which will keep teenagers of both sexes reading and wanting to know more.As the first in a new series of young adult horror books, the book ends on a spectacular cliff-hanger with lots of loose ends, which may cause a few readers to grumble. What it will do, though, is leave them hungry for the next instalment!

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