The Snow Queen


Retold by Darah Lowes; Illustrated by Miss Clara
Delectable retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen tale with the most glorious, magical illustrations. Even if you don't read the story, just lose yourself in the pictures! ... A magical mirror distorts all that is reflected in its glass so that beautiful things shrink and shrivel and ugly things get bigger and stronger. The mirror falls into the hands of the Snow Queen who shatters it. Shards and splinters of the poisoned glass scatter everywhere - into window panes, spectacles and even eyes and hearts changing the way people perceived and felt about the world. Gerda and her best friend Kay were happy and contented with life in their village until one night the Snow Queen herself blows some splinters of the magic mirror into Kay. Then he no longer wants to play with Gerda and he grows angry and discontented with all the things that once brought him joy. Then one day the Snow Queen comes for Kay and takes him back to her icy palace.  Despite the fact that Kay has been unkind to her, Gerda is determined to find her friend and bring him back to his family.  On her perilous journey, Gerda is helped and encouraged by the kindness of strangers and, through perseverence , determination and love for her friend, she rescues Kay and defeats the Snow Queen. Exceptional presentation and great to read aloud.

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