Treetops: Series/Scheme (part of Oxford Reading Tree)


Treetops : Series/Scheme (part of Oxford Reading Tree)


Treetops is a junior reading programme from the well-established Oxford Reading Tree. Divided into Stages 9-16, Treetops includes a wide range of different genres: fiction, non-fiction, historical adventures, myths and legends, graphic novels, true stories and classics,written by a range of well known children’s authors. The books are available in mixed packs of six different stories or class packs with six copies of each book and represent good value for money. Each pack comes with easy-to-use teaching notes which link with the English, Welsh and Scottish curricula. Guided reading and comprehension cards to support group reading, speaking and listening and follow-up activities are also available. Some but not all of the books may be suitable for Key Stage 3 children with a low reading age but care should be taken when selecting them.

See Treetops: Myths and Legends  and Treetops: Time Chronicles listed separately

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Fiction | Non-Fiction | cross curricular | cultural diversity | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them