Treetops: Time Chronicles (part of Oxford Reading Tree)



This carefully graded series of 12 exciting historical adventures features the well-known characters from Oxford Reading Tree : Biff, Chip,Kipper & co. A fantasy storyline of saving the world from the evil Virans is set against authentic events, people and facts in history. To reinforce this, each book has a non-fiction spread at the back. Each adventure takes place in a different historical setting .For instance, in The Jewel in the Hub the gang team up with Leonardo da Vinci . In Mission Victory Wilf and Chip volunteer to go on a dangerous mission on Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory, to stop the Virans from changing the course of history. In The Enigma Plot Wilma, Kipper and Nadim go to Bletchley Park in 1941, where they must protect the Enigma machine from a Virans who has been employed as a code breaker. In The Thief Who Stole Nothing Neena goes back to the House of Wisdom in 8th century Bagdad, where she overhears exciting news about the discovery of a new number – zero. There are comprehension questions at the end of each story and a helpful glossary. The stories are also linked to a website giving more historical information. Very useful for cross-curricular work.




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Fiction | Non-Fiction | cross curricular | suitable for SEN/reluctant readers but not specifically designed for them